Energy and environment

A finishing plant often includes processes that require either heating or the use of pumps, fans etc.  This means that any finishing process requires a great deal of energy.

Any finishing plant also typically uses different forms of chemical treatment and water rinsing processes. Any finishing process also uses a great deal of water. This means that waste materials are produced.

AABO focus on our shared environment and the world’s energy resources. That is why we design and manufacture all our plants and components in order to supply solutions that utilise energy resources in the best way possible and which simultaneously ensure that we emit a minimum – and always standard-compliant – amount of waste.

AABO designs and complies with all applicable European legislative and environmental requirements governing finishing processes.

AABO’s company strategy plans focus on Energy and Environment as a main point and are an important part of our daily efforts to guide, develop, use, manufacture and supply energy- and environmentally friendly solutions.    

Examples of some of AABO’s design and system solutions optimised for Energy and Environment can be found below. These are offered as part of any finishing system:



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