Painting plants

AABO is specialised in delivering turnkey customer-defined painting plants and finishing equipment. We are providing our solutions across the world.

Over the years, AABO has supplied many painting plants and other finishing equipment for which we have thoroughly analysed the customer’s requirements before putting together a complete plant consisting of both proprietary products and externally procured components. 

A few of our complete turnkey plant solutions can be found below:

Single conveyor plant

Type: Automatic
Finishing: Powder coating
Conveyor: Single conveyor

Manual plant

Type: Manual
Finishing: Powder coating 
Conveyor: Manual

"Power and free" plant

Type: Automatic
Finishing: Wet paint
Conveyor: Power and Free

Dip plant

Type: Automatic
Finishing: Acid washing, passivation
Conveyor: Crane system

Specialised plant

Type: Automatic specialised 
Finishing: Conversion coating
Conveyor: Power and Free

Semi-automatic plant

Type: Semi-automatic container plant 
Finishing: Epoxy powder coating
Conveyor: Single