Paint spraying booths

Finishing plants are usually combined with the application of paint or coatings on the surfaces of the workpieces being processed in the system.

We offer systems that are able to handle a wide range of paint and coating, e.g.: 

  • Powder coating
  • Water-based wet painting
  • Solvent-based wet painting
  • Teflon coating
  • Epoxy coating

Most painting and coating processes require the installation of a spraying booth. The spraying booth ensures that any spatter is collected and that ventilation is in place to ensure that adjacent areas are not contaminated.

Specialising in the application processes themselves requires a separate focus on development in this field. AABO has built up solid partnerships with most leading manufacturers working in this technical area. We work with all application equipment manufacturers, and if there is needed one of the standard solutions, we can offer one in according to our customers’ requirements.

Over the years, AABO has supplied finishing plants using most types of paint and coatings. We have therefore accumulated a detailed and wide-ranging expertise in most paint and coating processes.

AABO’s spraying booth solutions are usually used for specialised set-ups where no standard product solutions are available, e.g.:

  • Large-scale booths for powder coating
  • Specialised booths for powder coating and wet painting projects
  • Dip application tanks and booths 

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