Tunnel pretreatment

Tunnel pretreatment processes generally involve workpieces being continuously fed through the pretreatment tunnel in which they undergo integrated finishing processes. 

The processes involved in tunnel pretreatment may consist of one or more cascade processes where each process is carried out in separate tunnel sections. The advantage of this finishing type is that it is suitable for situations in which assembly lines require high levels of productivity.

AABO has supplied several different tunnel pretreatment solutions, all tailored specifically to customer requirements.

  • Fixed cascade pipes
  • Quick clip-on nozzles
  • Vertically recessed corrosion-resistant pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • All-welded corrosion-resistant processing tunnel
  • Fully insulated tanks and tunnels
  • Water-saving principle
  • Automatic liquid level control
  • Optional heating methods (gas, oil, electricity, district heating)
  • Maintenance-friendly construction
  • Motors comply with IEC standards
  • Optimised neutral zones between all processes
  • Central operator floor throughout the processing tunnel
  • Ventilation system

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