"Power & Free" conveyor

A “Power & Free” conveyor system consists of a number of suspended carriers which run automatically through the finishing plant. The “Power & Free” conveyor system differs from the single conveyor principle in that each carrier is programmable for specific processing tasks. Various processing speeds may also be applied to the finishing plants. A “Power & Free” conveyor system can also be designed to transport very large, complex and/or heavy components. AABO has supplied “Power & Free” conveyor systems for the transport of items of up to 16 metres in length and a weight of up to 5.5 tons, but even larger dimensions are possible.

The principle of a “Power & Free” conveyor solution is that two C-profiles are mounted over/under each other. The upper profile runs the driving cardan chain and the lower profile the load bars (carriers). The load bars can be routed via special profile bends and hoisting gear both horizontally and vertically. The load bars can accumulate on both sides and in cross transports. Conveyor systems consist of several processing chains operated by one or more driving units. Processing speeds vary from 0-8 metres/minute. The “Power & Free” conveyor systems are available with switching gates, turning units, weigh sections and lift stations.