Single conveyor

A single conveyor system is a transport system built up around a cardan chain running on a C-profile. Special bends allow the cardan chain to run in both a horizontal and vertical direction. The chain is operated by one or more driving units and is able to handle a load of up to 100 kilos per metre of chain. Single conveyor systems are usually designed for continuous, but variable processing speeds of up to 10 metres/minute. Processing chains are available with pitches of 180, 270 or 360 mm between suspension points.

Single conveyor systems are able to work without cooling protection in high-temperature processing areas at temperatures of up to 250°C, e.g. drying and curing ovens. AABO also offers water-cooled single conveyor systems that can be used at processing temperatures of up to as much as 450°C. AABO’s single conveyor systems require minimum maintenance and are supplied with automatic lubrication systems as standard. All systems are available with a wide range of suspension rails or load bars.